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Graphic Design & Corporate Identity

Does Your Business’s Brand Stand Out From The Competition?

Logo & Graphics Design is part our business, it’s one of our areas of specialty, it’s where our expertise lie so if you are looking to, create, build or maintain a strong brand, partner with Akol Explorer as we have mastered the art of cultivating brands. At Akol Explorer our modern strategic and creative approach to logo design will help improve and grow your business and take it to the next level.

Akol Explorer have created a branding framework whereby we address all the major aspects and elements needed to build and manage a strong brand, our solutions focus on branding in its entirety ranging from: organizational branding, office branding, employee branding, brand strategy (including brand essence & promise, brand research, brand audit) brand identity design (including business naming, brand naming, packaging design, logo & typography design, website design), brand marketing & personal branding and cover the full life cycle of branding from brand creation right the way via to brand refresh or brand management.

When it comes to a brand, there is not just one single body involved in the creation of a brand and as such Akol Explorer are a full service digital agency that pools together team of specialists in the areas of branding, marketing, business strategy, creative design and organizational behaviour & development to provide our clients with access to all-inclusive branding services and solutions that address their business’s specific needs in the formulation, design, development and implementation of their brand.

Akol Explorer branding and logo design services are highly-creative, brand-driven and results-focused. A bold, clean and effective brand helps you connect with your target audience. And, That helps you create bottom-line results for your business.